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Chapter 1 : Basic foundation for fast growth

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Chapter 1 : Basic foundation for fast growth

Post by GodGawain on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:45 pm

Basic foundation

A good foundation is key to progressing fast.
This is low level basics of quickly increasing your construction and research speed.
For me, i focus mainly on adding research speed

Player level 1-25

********SAVE ALL GUILD COINS***********


Max out construction speed 1 and research speed 1.
Max out Training speed 1


Build more barracks if you are going to be AFK for long periods
Build more infirmaries if you can babysit the game.
Level castle to lvl 9
Level academy to lvl 9

Troops Training

Build many many troops and clear skirmish 1-5.
Scout the skirmish and it will advise you what troops to focus on for each particular skirmish.


Research infantry defense 1&2
Research siege toughness 1&2
Research ranged defense 1&2
Research cavalry defense1&2


Construction hero is free (sage of storm)
Research hero is The trickster ( 2-6 elite )
Farm as much trickster medals as you can and increase he grade.

Player level 26 onwards

Reset hero talent ( 90k guild coins )

Max out construction speed 1
Max out research speed 1.
Max out research speed 2.
Once research speed is maxed, start researching t2 unit ( should be a lotttttt faster, now that you have ++research speed )
Max out construction speed 2.

Where to go from here will be added in the next chapter


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