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Chapter 2 : Amassing might

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Chapter 2 : Amassing might

Post by GodGawain on Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:10 pm

Hero Talents

After maxing out construction & research speed 1 & 2
Start putting points into the talents on the left side, and max training speed 1 & 2, you will be done at player lv 46 if you didnt waste points anywhere else.


-All the T2 troops
-construction speed
-All the T2 traps
*very important*
-Wall strength 1 and 2
-Wall durability
-Wall defence


Build t2 traps and replace the old ones. Sniper towers are better than the others as they are ranged.
Build in ratio of 2:1:1


3 - 4 barracks, 2-3 infirmaries, the rest manors


You will need to clear skirmish 6 and 7
Below is the bare minimum, losses are reasonable. Train more or use +25% atk boost  to reduce losses
Skirmish 6 - 8k Sharpshooter, 5k reptilian riders, 2k catapults.
Skirmish 7 - 12k Gladiators, 12k sharpshooters, 12k reptilian riders, 10k catapults.

Keep building troops until you reach castle 17.

Gathering relics.

i usually send 3 waves of troops to gather 50k rss each.

Forge 1 flute and 1 circlet. Upgrade it as much as you can.
equip circlet before any construction and equip flute before any research, this will save you hours in the long run.

When you reach workshop 17, this will open a new accessory slot. You will need to start planning to forge another 1 circlets and 1 flutes before that.

Im stuck at castle 17 now. so it will be a while till the next guide.


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