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Obtaining the elusive Watcher.

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Obtaining the elusive Watcher.

Post by GodGawain on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:26 am

The elusive watcher

The Watcher is the hardest f2p hero to get in the game.
He is very useless at common level, but its just fun to be one of the few people to have him.

Watcher medals can only be obtained through clearing some Hell stage 3 event.

Prerequisites for obtaining the watcher without breaking the bank.

1) Castle below 13 ( max is c12 as the points to clear hell 3 increases when your castle reaches 13 )
2) You will need some gems - at least 2000 onwards for each medal to gem rush the researches.
3) You need to be active to check every hour for the research only watcher hell event.

How to do it ?

From castle 1- castle 12, the points to clear the hell 3 is the same.
So this period you can do both the building and the research events.
Once you reach castle 12 and all the main buildings ( wall, acad, workshop, etc ) are level 12 as well.... It will not be possible to clear the hell 3 building event without upgrading your castle.

You will be clearing research only watcher hell event for most of the medals.

It cost about 25k points to clear the event.
Which is about total of 40hrs of research time on average.

when you see a event come on....
1) gem the current research
2) start another big research ( high might )
3) check to see if its enough to clear ( 1 might = 1 point ) if its not ask for spam help and gem it after like 10-20mins.
4) rinse and repeat until it is cleared.

*you can take a gamble and start 2 days (insta-clear) researches and hope the watcher event comes on in that 48 hrs and gem it once it does.

Insta-clear researches : con speed lv5, trap retrieval 1 lv7, trap retrieval 2 lv6, wall strength 1 lv7, all T1 subsidy lv10, All t2 subsidy lv7,


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