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Gathering Tips

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Gathering Tips

Post by LaLokaza on Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:16 am

There are times when you will be targeted in resource tiles. However, there are some precautions you can take to have the minimal losses.

1 - Research Gathering Capacity. This will allow you to send less amount of troops to gather the same or even more than before. risk less troops.

2 - Put leftover talent points (after construction and research and if you are high enough level, after training speed) into gathering capacity. you may even consider putting into gathering capacity instead of gathering speed. you will take longer but you will be safer. less risk.

3 - Craft Armour that can help you increase army capacity (army capacity is the gathering capacity and not the amount of troops you can send). here is the list of Armour:

4 - Do not forget to add the 50% gathering boost too to make everything better, you may want to add this if you gonna leave troops gathering unattended. make sure you buy it with guild coins (30k guild coins) do not use gems! (600 gems)

 -  Devil Visage (Lv. 35) - Helm ------------ Recommended
 -  Gladiator Helm (Lv. 29) - Helm
 -  Chieftain Headdress (Lv.11) - Helm

 -  Regal Platemail (Lv. 40) - Chest --------- Recommended
 -  Centaur Saddle (Lv. 35) - Chest
 -  Prowler Vest (Lv. 31) - Chest
 -  Ceremonial Toga (Lv.13) - Chest

 -  Seafarer Cleats (Lv.35) - Boots ---------- Recommended
 -  Nomad Boots (Lv. 29) - Boots

 -  Gryphon's Talon (Lv. 45) - Off Hand - Must purchase gryphon materials.   - Recommended

4 - Send T1 troops to gather. With all the bonus explained above, a T1 troop can gather even more than a T3. (of course a T3 will gather even super more but the point of this, is to be safer by risking less. Remember a T3 troop takes 4 times longer to train than a T1. and its way cheaper. If they get killed, you get over it.

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