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Using speedups effectively + info on clearing solo/hell

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Using speedups effectively + info on clearing solo/hell

Post by GodGawain on Fri May 06, 2016 12:44 am

Using speedups effectively + info on clearing solo/hell

Best way to get speed up is to rush to chapter 7 ( normal ) and kill the 1st boss with 3 crowns and keep sweeping him. 6 stamina = 10mins speedup = 6hrs 40mins  per day.

Speed up should never be used for forging, promoting heros, trap building, wall repairing.

Only a few ways you should really use the speed ups

1) when you are gonna be afk for a long while and you building/research/training is almost done, speed it up and restart something else.

2) To complete solo 3 and hell 3 simultaneously ( research in both )
Research events are the easiest to pass.
Depending on your castle level, the points will be different.

Below is the list on which castle level the points will jump to the next tier
c 10-17 - tier 1 ( finish a 4day research and you will pass hell 3 )
c 18-21 - tier 2 ( i have no info on this )
c 22-24 - tier 3  ( dont bother, about 18 days of research to pass )
c 25 - tier 4 ( haven't even reached there )

Best is stay at c17 as long as you can and try to clear as many solo/hell 3s as possible

Calculating the amount to pass.
1 might = 1 point

You can check the points by trying to do the research again. u can view how much might the particular research gives.

For Example :
You started a T3 archer research 3 days ago. You have 12 hours more to complete. You log on and see the solo 3 - reseach + training ( 19k )

hell 3 - building + research ( 87k )

You check the research and it give 75k might = 75k points.

You speed it up with all the speed up u have been saving. You clear solo 1,2,3 Hell 1, 2 and get 1 x 5m 2 x 10m 1x 15m 2x60m 1x3hr.
You will need additional 12k points to pass hell 3.

You see building in the hell requirement. you speed up barracks 17 and get 6k points.

You need 6k more to pass. so either u can do another barracks 17 and speed up 10hrs or find some 1 or more researches that gives more than 6k points and speed it up.

Total : you sped up 30hrs total to clear hell 3.
You got back 1 x 5m 2 x 10m 1x 15m 2x60m 3x3hr 1x15hr = 26h40m back in speed ups.
So essentially..... u used 3h30m of speedups to save yourself 30hrs of waiting.
and u get back bonus gems, material chests, gryphon chests and some rss boxes as well.

The main thing about this technique.... is that you have to do a long research (3-4days) and wait till less than 24 hrs and start checking back every 3 hrs for the solo event to come up a "research", when it does, u have 3 chances for the hell to come up a research and you can do this technique.

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Re: Using speedups effectively + info on clearing solo/hell

Post by hanter13 on Mon May 09, 2016 7:28 am

nice Very Happy finally i found this info XD

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