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Troops concept

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Troops concept

Post by LaLokaza on Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:20 am

This section is just to give a general idea of how troops works in the game.

Ranger -> Cavalry -> Infantry -> Ranger.

that is the general rule, so therefore, there is no a better troop when it comes to fighting. You need to scout, analyse the report (check the type of troops) and then send the type of troops according to the strengths.

All -> Siege Units

Sieges can not win against troops, Sieges are only used to destroy the wall. You need a good amount of Siege to destroy wall faster and avoid getting troops killed by the enemy traps. Once the wall is down, traps are useless.

There is no a way to calculate how many siege are needed to bring down a wall and also sending sieges on a 7:1:1:1 ratio will not benefit you because you will bring down the wall in 1 hit but Siege units do not fight other troops or are much weaker (need to confirm if siege can damage other troops)

It Is vital to send enough sieges to destroy the wall but keep enough space for other troops. A balance.


This is regarding Tier 3 troops only! - Other Tiers works differently (check in game to know, the stars shows the speed)

Troops works differently when it comes to gathering resources.

*Speed (walking on map) = Cavalry -> Archer -> Infantry -> Siege
Gathering capacity          = Siege  ->  Infantry -> Archer  -> Cavalry

** If Cavalry takes 1 minute to arrive to a resource tile and Infantry takes 2 minutes and you send Cavalry ONLY, it will take 1 minute to arrive. However if you mix Cavalry and Infantry, they will take 2 minutes to arrive, the ETA (estimated time arrival) is always the slower unit (makes sense). So if you going to send far, try to send Cavalry ONLY so they are faster and avoid mixing siege with other troops because they will all become slow **

* Battle Durability (experience) = Siege -> Archer -> Calvary -> Infantry
other factors affects this (traps, enemy troops, etc) but generally speaking this is the order they survive the most

* So to summarize it, When you gotta choose which type to train first or train the most, think this:

Cavalry walks faster on the map and its good for gathering long distances but if you have more units than usual because they carry less. Sieges are the opposite, they carry way more but are way slower so are good for short distance gathering. Infantry carry more than archer but dies quicker, archer carries more than cavalry and less than infantry but dies less than cavalry and infantry. siege dies the least and carry the most but its weak to all other troops.

Warning: Normal troops can not hit the enemy wall so you do need siege units (results given by a member of the guild)

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Re: Troops concept

Post by D4rkness on Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:47 am

Great info Wink

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Re: Troops concept

Post by GodGawain on Thu May 05, 2016 11:18 pm

Please confirm sending siege troop to attack a 0% wall castle with no troops still kills traps.


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Re: Troops concept

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