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3 ways of where to put your talent points.

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3 ways of where to put your talent points.

Post by GodGawain on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:27 pm

3 versions of talent pointing

Build A - standard peace time build where no one will come disturb you.

Peace time - Growth and Troop training
Max construction 1 and 2
Max Research 1 and 2
Max Troop Training 1 and 2
All other points in gathering 2 ( if that is max, the rest in gathering 1 )

During war time is fucking stupid to gather rss near your hive, you can do Build A, but only gather at rss >100miles away, even then you still might get hit. Also, its not smart to leave your castle with just the wall, if it get hit, you will lose your leader, wall hp will drop to 0, and 90% of your traps will be destroyed. It takes ages to rebuild the wall ( 1k hp/hour ) and traps take even longer. ( t3 traps - 1k in 6hr30m )

Build B -Turtle build - produce your own crap. I know you guys obviously skipped leveling up your manors, mills, mines and quarries. But you have take the time to bring it to your castle level if you want to do this build. This build produces everything faster than gathering, but you troop training will be 80% longer than Build A.

War time - Core growth

Max construction 1 and 2
Max Research 1 and 2
Max gold production 3 ( skip 1 and 2 )
Max Lumber production
Rest of the points in stone production

Build C - No one should actually be using this build yet. This is a attacking build which is what most cash-whores use. Paired with + army hp and + army def gear and  its more of less makes your army 3-4x stronger as they are a lot harder to kill.

War time - Attacking other players

Max Squad Offense 1 (+5%)
Max Squad Defence 1(+13%)  and 2(+87%)
Max Squad Health 1(+13%)  and 2(+87%)
All other points in Seige attack ( if you are attacking castles )
or Whichever class of troops you have most of ( if attacking rss tiles )

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Re: 3 ways of where to put your talent points.

Post by D4rkness on Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:42 pm

Thanks for the Guide Wink

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